Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Sealed Insulation System
This system was developed for harsh environments to greatly extend the winding life expectancy and therefore the motor life expectancy. Each stator coil is hand wrapped with a fibrous wicking material and inserted into the lamination slots. After all coil connections are made and protected, the stator is loaded into a pressure vessel and immersed in the specially selected epoxy resin. All gas, including that held by surface tension, is evacuated under vacuum. The epoxy is drawn into the stator core, completely occupying all voids in the winding. After a series of processes, ending in a controlled bake, the winding is 100% impregnated and sealed. Each stator then receives a 24-hour submergence test under water that has been treated to maintain stringent surface tension values. All electrical test results collected before and after submergence are serialized and maintained at the factory for a minimum of five years.

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