Mil Spec, Inc. is a reliable supplier of Navy service ‘A’ and ‘C’ electric motors manufactured in accordance with MIL-M-17059 and MIL-M-17060. We are prepared to develop and deliver qualified motors in a reasonable time and at a reasonable price.

At Mil Spec, Inc. we work closely with our customers, making certain that all their requirements are met.  These motors have passed Hi-Impact shock per MIL-S-901 in the customer's application or as stand-alone motors.

Mil Spec, Inc. has completed qualification on electric motors as small as 1/15 horsepower, in both sealed and non-sealed applications. Previous applications vary from fans, pumps, and cooling coils, to control valves, including low noise applications.

We have a great degree of flexibility and experience.

Mil Spec, Inc. has been a recipient of the Gold Medal Award from DSCR (Defense Supply Center Richmond) for each of the past ten years. This award recognizes exceptional quality and delivery performance in partnership with DSCR. Our rating for this ten-year period, representing over 100 contracts, is a perfect 100%.

Ships programs Mil Spec, Inc. has supplied electric motors for

  • DDG (Destroyers)
  • DD (Destroyers)
  • CVN (Aircraft Carriers)
  • LHD (Amphibious Assault Ship)
  • LHA (Amphibious Assault Ship)
  • LPD (Amphibious Transport Dock)
  • FFG (Guided Missile Frigate)
  • CG (Cruiser)
  • MHC (Mine Hunter, Coastal)
  • MCS (Mine Countermeasures Support Ship)
  • MCM (Mine Counter Measure) Avengers Class
  • NSSN (Submarine)

In addition to developing motors for new products in new programs, we also provide motors for past programs where the original motor manufacturer is no longer a viable supplier. These motors comply with the original form, fit and function. We will assist in every way to provide qualification by working closely with the OEM or the Navy itself. And, as always, will offer the shortest possible lead-time and lowest possible cost.

Let Mil Spec, Inc. assist you with your next project!