Electric motors provided for U.S. Army hardware must have two extraordinary characteristics. They must be highly reliable and uncompromisingly versatile. Each motor must function, whether operating life support equipment or combat weapons in harsh environments such as the desert, the mountains, the arctic, or the tropics. Each must be capable of withstanding extreme temperature variations and exposure to sand storms, monsoons, ice storms and salt laden fog.

Mil Spec, Inc. is a supplier of electric motors meeting these rigorous performance and environmental requirements. Mil Spec, Inc. will provide motors meeting:

  • NEMA MG1 standards for extreme temperatures (-50 ° to +160°F)
  • MIL-STD-810 method 507 for humidity standards
  • MIL-STD-810 method 509 for salt fog standards

Previously developed electric motors for the U.S. Army include Series 13211E, 13214E, 13221E, 13225E and 13229E.

These motors are furnished with permanently lubricated bearings conforming to AFBMA-STD-20 ABEC 1 with C3 internal clearance for superior performance during an extended life cycle. Also supplied are corrosion resistant shafts, passivated to meet QQ-P-35 standards, corrosion resistant fasteners and a unique protective rotor coating.

We currently have NSN’s in place to ease the process of gaining our products.

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