Mil Spec, Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of electric motors engineered to meet the specific requirements of unique applications.
Mil Spec, Inc. was founded in 1986 with the ambitious goal of obtaining U.S. Navy certification of our vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI) sealed insulation system. In 1988 we received certification by passing a most rigorous group of tests and documentation retention procedures, and joined eight other qualified manufacturers holding that certification. Today, we are one of only four electric motor manufacturers retaining the Navy approval.
In addition to providing motors for the Navy, we also design and manufacture electric motors for the U.S. Army and highly custom industrial motors.
We are extremely flexible in our approach to your requests. We have no rigid policies regarding development costs, stocking programs, warranties or terms of sale. We are a totally custom oriented company built on favorable pricing, short and reliable lead-times, quality products, clear information and comfortable relationships.

Let Mil Spec, Inc. assist you with your next project!